Pacific Marine Fish Expo

November, 20th

Maximum Performance is at the Pacific Marine Fish Expo November 19th-21st. Our MPH 1.25 Marine Crane is featured in booth #927. Come down and talk with our team about our current projects and stock availability!

MPH crane featured in booth

MPH crane featured in booth

Design and Fabrication

September, 29th

Some might not realize that MPH has a Design and Fabrication department, fully capable of taking on almost any project. Recently we were asked to build a large custom A-Frame to fit on the stern of a vessel with the ability of lifting 22,000 pounds. Our team took on the project, which ended up passing the load test with 33,000 pounds. Here are a few pictures of the process, from assembly in our facility to the completed product.

Fabrication of A-Frame

Fabrication of A-Frame

A-Frame on vessel

A-Frame installed

In action

August, 14th

The downside of being a Seattle based company is that the majority of our employees do not get the opportunity to see the equipment we work on fully in action after the boats leave here and start fishing in the Bering Sea. That’s where our amazing customers come in. This is a photo was sent to us showing the crane that we rebuilt at the beginning of the summer hard at work. Nothing brings us more satisfaction than happy customers and knowing that we have helped them have a safe and successful season!