Services / Crane Repair

As the Northwest’s premier crane repair facility, we have the right equipment and technical expertise to ensure your repaired crane is as good as (and in many cases better than) new. Starting with a professional crane inspection, on your vessel or at your facility, we will determine which components are worn and which are in satisfactory condition. All aspects of the crane will be inspected including cylinders, winches, swing drives, pins, bushings, bearings, rotary swivels and hoses.

Note that once we disconnect and remove your crane, it will be transported to our 22,000 sq-ft indoor facility and disassembled. Further inspections will be carried out including structural items such as welds and static bosses.

Marine Crane Repair

Throughout the repair process, you are welcome to come to our facility at any time to check on the progress of your crane. Once completed, we will reinstall and test your crane for proper operation. If your crane needs certification, we will schedule Arxcis, Inc., the West Coast’s leading inspection and load testing service to perform the work.

With hundreds of cranes completely rebuilt since 2000 and thousands more serviced, Maximum Performance Hydraulics has built a reputation for quality crane service at a reasonable price.

Call us today for your free crane inspection:  206-352-6869

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