MPH Crane Production

June, 23rd

Shown below are two of MPH’s own 1.25 ton Marine Cranes still in the production process as well as one completed crane on display in the shop. There are three different sizes of MPH cranes, 0.65 ton, 1.25 ton and the new 2.75 ton.

See here for more information on the 1.25 ton. (Photos and specifications for 2.75 ton MPH Marine Crane coming soon. Please contact us with any questions).

Production of MPH 1.25

Production of MPH 1.25 Marine Crane

Keeping us busy

October, 3rd

We are pleased to say that our shop has stayed very busy even with most of the fishing fleet in Alaska. An assortment of smaller day jobs and very large yacht jobs have kept us going strong recently! A large thank you to all of our loyal customers that help our business continue to expand. I say with confidence that we are more ready than ever to take on the upcoming busy season as the boats come back to Seattle for repairs.