Design & Fabrication


With over 100 years combined hydraulic and shipboard system experience, our staff has the knowledge and real world experience to analyze your hydraulic needs and design a system to meet those needs. Whether you have an existing system in need of upgrade or a new application, we will ask the critical questions and gather the information required to present an efficient, cost-effective solution. For design work requiring a professional engineer’s approval, we regularly partner with local companies, such as Kraftmar Design.

For the do-it-yourself customer, you can always count on Maximum Performance Hydraulics to have an answer to your technical questions about reservoir design, pipe and hose sizes, component adjustments and general system troubleshooting. We are always here to help!


From custom winches to high speed production hydraulic presses, Maximum Performance Hydraulics can fabricate items to meet the exact requirements of your specific application. Our certified welders and trained machinists can create the specialized items you need by working from your sketches and drawings, or making new drawings based on your ideas.

Our fully equipped machining division has a complete range of machine tools including Lathes, Mills, Drill Presses, etc. Our large Horizontal Mill is extremely effective at boring multiple holes in perfect alignment, which is critical to long equipment life on items such as crane turrets and booms. From hydraulic cylinder pistons and glands to hardened stainless steel hinge pins, the Maximum Performance Hydraulics machining division can fabricate the parts you need quickly and efficiently.

The fabrication division is ready to work for you with state certified welders and MIG, TIG and stick welding capabilities. If you have a piece of equipment that breaks regularly, we can rebuild and strengthen your machinery, increasing reliability and decreasing downtime. All of our fabrication personnel are also part of the field service team, ready to perform work at your location as well as in our facility.

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