MPH Marine Crane

Designed specifically for customers who demand a crane that can stand up to the harsh marine environment, the MPH Marine Crane has standard features, such as Hot-Dip Galvanized Coating, Stainless Steel Cylinder Rods and a Fully Sealed Swing Drive Mechanism. With oversize Stainless Steel Hinge Pins and a 1.33 Dynamic Factor, our marine crane is designed to use on vessels at sea and in port, as well as on piers and other stationary mounts.

Our industry-first Total Stainless™ sheave head assembly with rust-proof Nylatron sheaves and stainless steel sealed bearings reduces maintenance requirements and increases reliability, while the sturdy Pullmaster planetary winch associated with your model of MPH Marine Crane provides the amount of line pull to get the job done. Please see the MPH Crane Multiple Model Load Chart to learn more.

If converted truck cranes with their complex structure, high maintenance and short life span have you searching for a better solution to your lifting needs, look no further than the MPH Marine Crane for maximum performance and durability in a compact, cost effective package.

Standard Features:

Optional Features: