Wireless Crane Control

We’ve taken crane control into the digital age! Wirelessly crane control from anywhere on your vessel, an adjacent dock or even another vessel alongside your own.

Why limit yourself to a fixed control station? With state-of-the-art wireless technology and a true marine-grade hydraulic valve, Maximum Performance Hydraulics provides you with the ultimate in convenience, safety and versatility.

Standard Features:

Optional Features:

Integrates with existing electronic engine/gearbox controls as well as thrusters, anchor windlass, capstans, etc.

Operate horn, lights, multiple winches, special functions, etc.

Operate two or more cranes with a single remote unit.

Displays load weight, wind speed, engine rpm, system pressure or other data on the remote unit.

Designed for rough service in a marine environment, the MicroControl remote terminal has an IP66 rating. The Base Unit has a NEMA 4X rating and can safely be mounted on deck. The operating frequencies of the MicroControl wireless system are unaffected by the signals normally found onboard vessels including electronic equipment such as radios, radar and sonar.

Each time a function is operated, an electronic ‘signature’ unique to each system is sent from the terminal to the base unit, preventing unauthorized operation even if the interference is on the same frequency.

Technical Specifications

Complete packages include the following components:

Electric proportional directional valve, Base Unit with onboard LCD diagnostic display and provisions for remote antenna mount, Standard remote operator terminal, Two (2) rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, wall-mountable battery charger, base unit antenna, 66′ auxiliary operating cable, and belt harness with quick-release clip.

Wireless remotes offer the ultimate in convenience, safety, and precision control.  The cost is very competitive with multiple station hydraulic remotes, while the installation time is much less.

Maximum performance Hydraulics has over 100 wireless crane control systems in use, and would be happy to furnish a reference list of users.

We are a proud distributor for Lodar Wireless Solutions.